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Site de burning miles / Alex et Cedrox en voyage
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Snowy Mountains

Anything great along the coast between Sydney and Melbourne is that you have the biggest mountain chain just in the middle. Then you can compose an amazing trip with beautiful beaches and quit interesting break in the Kosciusko national park. This park gets the mains skiing stations and is very well set up with trekking tracks. After a night in the free camping zone (you have to pay to enter in OZ National Park) where we meet 2 nice Estonian guys, we decide to climb the biggest peak of the country. 2228 meters! Maybe you, behind your French or Nepalese screen are a bit wry but believe me, it was not so easy. 21 kilometers with a lot of snow (much more than in high part of Tibet or Ladakh when we were there), a lot of wind and even the temperature was not so bad, you are really cold. Up fully our previous experience of mountain teaches us that you have to take care about mountain. Even the one you consider like a promenade. In all case, we are proud to put that new mountain to the list of things we experience. Beautiful and original landscape, great fauna (hundreds of different bird, you eat with Kangaroo) and a nice example of nature arrangement.


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waouuuuuu hyper impressionant les garcons, c`est quand meme grave , je vis ici et n`est jamais vu ca, bon je marque dans la bucket list, A FAIRE,

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Its fastidious funny YouTube video, I constantly go to visit YouTube site Burning Miles V 2.20 : Tour du monde d'Alex et Cedric. Voyage Thailande / Cambodge / Laos / Chine / Ouzb��kistan / N��pal / Inde / Indon��sie / Australie designed for humorous videos, for the reason that there is much more data available.
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Enforcement in Houston is also easier because cars registered in Harris County must rectify any unpaid toll debts before they can renew and pay their vehicle taxes. State officials recently gained the authority to ask county tax assessors to block renewals of violators on state-owed toll roads, too.
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Justin 04/10/2014 à 11:46:30

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Julian 04/10/2014 à 14:38:21

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Eric 04/10/2014 à 17:31:58

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Brandon 05/10/2014 à 02:09:04

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David 05/10/2014 à 06:37:20

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